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12 week Olympic Distance Triathlon Plan

12 week Olympic Distance Triathlon Plan


This is a pdf download of a 12 week Olympic distance plan with 12 x 20 minute strength and conditioning videos to workout to. You will recieve a link to download the digital product to your computer. It has clickable links within the Pdf taking you to The S and C videos.


Before starting, there is a test to carry out in order to set the parameters of training specifically to you. There is also information discussing the stages of training in order for you to understand where you are with it as well as suggestions of how to dial-in to training wholeheartedly.


Who is it for?

You may want to race your first olympic distance triathlon having completed a few sprint distance triathlons? Or, having already completed one olympic distance event, you may want to see if you can PB with some easy-to-fit-in structured training.


This simple to follow plan gives you just the right amount of sessions so that you can complete the distance comfortably but without having to take lots of time away from your family, other hobbies or work commitments.


An olympic triathlon is a good step-up from a sprint triathlon in terms of distance, but when training correctly you don't have to do copious amounts of extra training; key sessions will get you there. This plan helps you to train smart without the 'garbage yardage'. This plan builds on your fitness over the 12 weeks with a maximum volume of approx 6.5 hours per week.

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