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Your cycling/triathlon kit is potentially the lightest and most delicate item of clothing you have in your wardrobe: after all it is designed to be light and largely made up of thin stretchy materials. As a result, it will be less robust than other sports clothing and will need to be washed a little bit more carefully to extend the lifespan of the garment and to keep it in tiptop condition for as long as possible.

Deal with it as soon as possible

Never leave your kit festering in the bottom of a laundry basket. If you can't wash it straight away, let it at least air so that bacteria is unlikely to harbour on it. This way it will be less likely to smell and the damp won't rot it. If you haven't got a full load to go into the washer, simply hand wash your kit in a mild detergent, paying particular attention to the chamois to guard against a build up of bacteria. Hang dry. 



Before throwing your kit in the washing machine, close-up all Velcro tabs and turn the items inside out to protect any iron-on logos.

Sort washing with other precious garments

Never place them in the wash with other heavy items such as denim items or jackets. Over time, these may snag your kit during the wash cycle process.


Use a mild detergent in order to avoid bleaching or leaving remnants of power behind and don't add extra softeners to the wash.


Choose a cool/gentle wash at 30 degrees.


Drip dry your kit, inside out away from direct sunlight.

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