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'Loud Logo' Short-sleeved Running T-shirt

'Loud Logo' Short-sleeved Running T-shirt


About the T-Shirt

The technical performance fabric is superbly light, durable and soft against the skin. It's super high wicking, meaning that it draws excess sweat and moisture away from the skin and moves it to outer layers of the fabric construction where it can be easily evaporated, leaving the wearer feeling cool, dry and comfortable for longer.


Wear it on the track, wear it up the hills or wear it on your road run: Just do your stuff and let everyone know you are with squad 'Pretty Gritty.'

Name: Loud Logo
  • Run at your pace

    Running, what's not to love? The freedom, the after-workout endorphins and the cardio benefits that are gained.

    'I really regret that run', said no one ever! So whatever your fitness, slip on your runners, call up a runner mate and just enjoy it.

    Our technical long or short sleeved PG t-shirts love a little outing be it, trails, roads or mountains and you will love it too!

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