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The menopause - what it means for an active Woman

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Katie and Emma sat down to chat with our friend and fellow coach, Louise Hanley. Louise has many years experience as both an athlete herself, and as a triathlon coach.

We had a fascinating discussion about the menopause; how it can affect you, particularly as a physically active Woman.

Louise gave us her top tips which were:

• Ensure you include weight bearing exercises in your weekly routine, preferably twice a week. This will combat the loss in muscle mass and will also help to strengthen your bones, which is a really important factor

• Don't be afraid to lift heavy things! We are not talking loads of repetitions, but lifting the heavier weights will have more of an impact than lifting lighter weights lots of times

• Include balance exercises in your weekly routine. Yoga or pilates are both great

• Eat a balanced diet rich in nutrients, particularly iron. Consider supplements if you feel your diet is not varied, but always consult with your Dr ahead of starting to take something new

• Ensure you pay attention to hydration. Factors such as night sweats will have an affect on how much water you should be consuming during the day

• Pay attention to rest and recovery. Recovery is a longer process later in life and sleep is when your body does most of its repair work

• Inform yourself! Read up as much as you can. Information is not necessarily plentiful on this subject, but it is definitely becoming more talked about than it ever used to be. There are so many symptoms of the menopause and not all women will experience the same ones.

Reading recommendations:

Dr Stacey Simms - ROAR

Nicki Williams - It's not you, it's your hormones

Dr Juliet McGrattan - The active Woman's guide to health

Website for information:


Dr Juliet McGrattan has her own podcast and has also featured on several other podcasts to discuss this subject

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